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Why hosting your website in China?

Why hosting your website in China?

by admin

Whether you’re new to Chinese market or having business since a long time, you surely know that Internet in China is pretty specific. International hosting solutions don’t work all that well, every-day services such as Google can be unreliable, and your target visitors use specific tools such as Weibo, Baidu etc.

What it means for your presence on the Chinese Internet, is that what is taken for granted abroad isn’t necessarily true, and that your best bet is, as the saying goes: “In China, do like the Chinese“.

Having your website in China, with a good hosting company that can provide excellent access to both historical operators, China Telecom and CNC, is the best way to guarantee that your visitors will be able to have a fast experience, from anywhere in China.

With the raise of mobile usage, and the spread of 3G connections, this becomes even more crucial as instant response makes or breaks your flow of visitors.

But what if your main application is hosted and developed abroad, and it would be too costly to replicate and maintain everything here ?

Solutions exist. We can provide local cache servers that will store media in China (images, videos, musics…) and often requested pages. The cache server will update regularly from your main server, and ensure that is stays dynamic.

That way, your Chinese visitors can enjoy fast browsing, while you keep control of your application abroad.

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