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Basic or Managed Hosting?

Basic or Managed Hosting?

by admin

monitoringSo, you want a hosting plan. What do you get with a Basic plan? Mostly, you get resources: processing power, memory, disk space, and a software stack for running your web app.

But as anything, and particularly in IT, just installing everything usually isn’t enough; system must be updated with security fix, databases must be optimized from times to times, settings must be fine-tuned to get the most of your available server and keep your growing traffic happyOf course, your server is, well, yours, so you’re perfectly entitled, and able, to do it yourself. But it takes time, skills, and unless you have specialized resources, it might end up costly.

So as service is central to our business philosophy, we propose to do that for you. We monitor, we update, we fine-tune when fine-tuning is required, and we even happily get in touch with your developers so that we set the system just right for their specific needs.

We even do application profiling: do you feel some process is taking more time than it should? We can provide detailed data to your developers about what routines takes how much time or memory, and pin-point zones in need of improvement. And let us tell you this saved a lot of time and headaches to some of our customers !

Your server, our care.

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