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Remote backup? What remote backup?

Remote backup? What remote backup?

by admin

cloud storageHere’s a little secret that few talk about openly: hardware breaks. Sometimes badly.┬áHard disks fail, servers go down, the works.
And it’s OK! All you got to do is be prepared.Once you know, deep down, that it will happen, just get ready for it. How? One word: backups. Planning for a disaster is already making it less disastrous. Making sure your data are safe, somewhere, if possible far away from the source of the incident, is crucial to your peace of mind.

If your IT room has just been destroyed in a fire (don’t laugh, it does happen), knowing that you have a copy of all your files safely in a Data Center really makes everything much simpler.

However, if your only backups were on tapes stored in the IT room… You’re out of luck.

Cloud storage makes backups really simple, convenient, and fast. But if you’d rather use tapes, by all means do, as long as you store the tapes in your bank, your home, anywhere safe and far from the IT room.

Backup your shared files, your e-mails, your VIP crucial data, and take a deep breathe: hardware might fail, but you’re ready!

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