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Go green with Cloud Hosting

Go green with Cloud Hosting

by admin

Green-cloudWinter is coming!

While not as bad as winter in Westeros, for the fans of Game of Thrones, winter in Shanghai isn’t great news, particularly on the environment side. Reversed air conditioners cranked up, cars and buses replacing bicycles and electric scooters, power plants pushed to 11, the air isn’t likely to get better soon.

But you can do your part! Cloud hosting is great for that, because with one machine, you can cover many needs.

Electricity savings

Do you have big, bulky, power-hungry servers in the IT room ? Chances are that some or all or them can be virtualized and run happily side-by-side on one of our Cloud servers. Plus, by using our Data Center infrastructure, you get the benefits of a clean, controlled environment, dust-free, with restricted access, stabilized power supply, and 24/7 surveillance.

What does that do for the environment? Well, how about reducing electricity consumption by 4 or more? Not counting the A/C in the IT Room to cool down these machines…


Now that’s an interesting one: by making your servers go Cloud, you instantly benefit from high-speed, dedicated Internet lines. If you ever needed to connect to your office from home or your hotel room, and sluggishly downloaded some files, we feel your pain. Your office line is already overused as it is for people in the office, asking it to serve people outside really pushes it to the limits. No more!

With our Data Center high-speed connections, you access your files in a breeze, anywhere in China! This allows for working comfortably from anywhere, and avoid useless trips to the office when you really need that one file.

Better for you, and better for all our lungs!

Energy efficient, green servers

When we select our servers, we make sure to go green: energy efficient power supplies, recyclable and CFC-free components, we strive to reduce the impact of production on environment. Moreover, when our machines reach end-of-life, we dispose of them properly with professional technological waste-management companies, that guarantee proper recycling and non-polluting treatment.

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