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About us


Dear visitor, thank you for coming.

I’m Alban Taraire, I founded NETK5 Group in 2002 in Shanghai, and am now happy to introduce Shanghai-Hosting.com.

We chose our motto as “the friendly hosting company“, which might seem odd. Why should hosting and maintaining servers be friendly?

Whether you’re the owner of a business, or a marketing manager, or even a software developer, you need a reliable infrastructure to run your applications on. You don’t really care about the details, and if you do care, you already know what you want, and you know that we can provide it.

Our bet is, what you do care about is having someone by your side. A small team, with extensive experience, that you know by their name and can ring on a Sunday evening if you need to. People that you can meet, talk to, go deep in details and share ideas with.

When is the last time you had a coffee with your hosting representative?

With Shanghai-Hosting.com, we’ll be happy to talk to you, to advise you, to support you. Of course we’ll provide technological expertise.

I’m looking forward to talking to you, and make the Cloud a little more personal.