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Maintenance: System, Platform, Application

by Alban Taraire

application-serverRecently we discussed about a new critical bug that affects Drupal-based websites. This critical bug lies in the code of Drupal, which is a popular framework used to build websites.

We urged our readers to upgrade as early as possible, and that lead to some interesting questions, in particular: whose job is that?

As Hosting providers, we are expected to provide stable and secure service to our clients. What does that imply? Surely patching a critical Drupal bug should be part of “providing stable and secure service”?

Shellshock Bash Bug – The importance of Server Management

by Alban Taraire

Broken shellAs you might be aware, a critical bug just has been uncovered that puts an incredible number of systems at risk. The main targets are Mac and Linux systems, the latter being the most commonly used for web servers (the machines that run all your favorite websites).

Well, that’s easy, just patch it, would you say. Yes, a patch exists, however things might not be as simple as that. In the real world, countless systems are set in a “fire-and-forget”¬† mode where patches are applied from times to times, and systems rarely completely upgraded.

There can be many reasons for that.

DNS, Domains and sub-domains explained

by admin

DNSWhen you think of Hosting, one of the first thing that comes to mind is your domain name. A domain name is, basically, your brand on the Internet, like Shanghai-Hosting.com. As it is the first thing users see of your web image, it’s often a critical point to understand. Let’s see how it works.

Remote backup? What remote backup?

by admin

cloud storageHere’s a little secret that few talk about openly: hardware breaks. Sometimes badly.¬†Hard disks fail, servers go down, the works.
And it’s OK! All you got to do is be prepared.

Bandwidth, latency, and speed.

by admin

How to make your website faster?

Speed of access of a server, at the data center level, depends mainly on two things:

  1. Network speed
  2. Server load

Of course, traffic has a major impact on points, as a high traffic amplifies the stress of network and server infrastructures.