Bandwidth, latency, and speed.

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How to make your website faster?

Speed of access of a server, at the data center level, depends mainly on two things:

  1. Network speed
  2. Server load

Of course, traffic has a major impact on points, as a high traffic amplifies the stress of network and server infrastructures.

Happy mid-autumn festival!

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The Mid-Autumn festival (中秋節 in Simplified Chinese, zhōngqiū jié in pinyin), also called Moon Festival, is the occasion for families to gather together and share a happy moment. The traditional moon cakes are exchanged and eaten, and big dinners with family or friends, preferably outside and under the light of lanterns. We wish you a very happy time and enjoy your moon cakes!

In China, should you use a .com, a .cn or a domain?

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There is a common myth that using a .cn or domain helps making your site more visible in China. This is just that, a myth. From a SEO (Search /engine Optimization) point of view, there is no specific advantage to be gained by using a .cn or domain.

Why hosting your website in China?

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Whether you’re new to Chinese market or having business since a long time, you surely know that Internet in China is pretty specific. International hosting solutions don’t work all that well, every-day services such as Google can be unreliable, and your target visitors use specific tools such as Weibo, Baidu etc.

What is a VPS Cloud Server?

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A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a complete environment dedicated to a client. It is also called a Cloud Server. Just like a physical server, you can choose your Operating System such as Windows or Linux, and install any software and configuration.

Internet Content Provider: the ICP registration

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How to obtain the ICP number?

In order to have a website hosted in China, you will need to provide a registration number, called the ICP number. Obtaining this number requires a free registration with the authorities which your server depends on.

New infrastructure for Simple Website

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We just upgraded our infrastructure for our Simple Website offer.

From now on, you will be able to directly manage your space, access your database, and control your bandwidth and disk space usage. You also can do your own backups in one click !